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We aim to provide our customers with cleaner gases and liquids, keep moving forward and setting new industry standards. We work to produce higher efficient filter elements to perfectly match with your filtration systems while reducing emission. We will help our customers simplify their filtration process, lower operating costs and improve filtration efficiency, thus making a sustainable contribution to natural resource protection. We hope we can work together to create a better further and achieve sustainable development with the world.

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Gas Filtration

We provide stable, reliable metal filter elements for industrial gas production, thus ensuring the stable operation of the whole production system and high cleanliness of the gas products. It is widely used for washing, purifying, and recovering methane, ammonia gas, hydrogen gas, nitrogen gas, helium gas, and other gases.

Air Filtration

We supply metal filter elements for automotive spray booths, chip plants and other places where high air quality is required, and achieve optimal efficiency and best safety through high efficiency filtration. It effectively avoids the negative impact of impurities on the whole process, thus ensuring the normal operation of the equipment.

Dust Filtration

We have advanced manufacturing technology and can produce metal filter elements for high temperature hot gas removal, thus extending the lifespan of the equipment and reducing pollution to the environment. It is widely used in coal gasification, petroleum catalytic cracking, biomass gasification, waste incineration and pyrolysis, metallurgy, etc.

Polymer Filtration

We have rich experience in rubber industry and can offer professional technical support and efficient metal filter elements for your polymer filtration projects. It reduces various waste and impurities in the finished products and ensures the stable production and high quality of the final products.

Oil & Gas Filtration

We supply reliable filter products for oil & gas exploration, shipping and refining and help your to improve the production efficiency of your projects, reduce long, expensive maintenance downtime, enhance your working efficiency, and protect your downstream precision equipment from damage.

Lubricating Oil Filtration

We use high quality filter materials to reliably remove impurity particles to ensure the quality of lubricating oil, safeguard the stable, efficient operation of large engines, compressors and other devices in large scale equipment and improve its cost-effectiveness.

Edible Oil Filtration

When it comes to edible oil processing industry, only efficient filtration can ensure the stable quality of the edible oil. Through the filtration, free fatty acids, proteins, water, and phospholipids and other impurities are removed from edible oil, the shelf life of edible oil is prolonged and the production energy consumption is reduced.

Coalescence Separation Filtration

We offer a variety of coalescence separation filter elements and separator filter elements for various industrial applications to remove particles and impurities from water and other liquids. It is widely used in downstream blade separators, mist eliminators, and filter separators.

Seawater Desalination Filtration

Before seawater desalination reverse osmosis treatment, untreated seawater will have chemical reactions with pipelines and equipment, leading to pipelines and equipment corrosion and damage. As a result, pretreatment is required to ensure the quality of seawater meet RO treatment standards, avoid large particles and impurities blocking RO membranes and affect the filtration effect.

Wastewater Filtration

We will choose filters with different structures and filter ratings based on the characteristics of wastewater. A wastewater filtration system is required to treat the wastewater to a standard before it can be reused or discharged back into the environment for further treatment. In this way, it achieves the purposes of resources saving and reduced costs through efficient wastewater recycling and treatment.

Medicine Liquid Filtration

Pharmaceutical industry puts higher standards on hygiene and safety. Whether it is APIs, pharmaceuticals or even excipients, the effectiveness of liquid-solid filtration technology will have a direct impact on product quality, cost and productivity. We can provide stable filter elements and solutions and provide the most secure guarantee based on specific customer conditions.

Beverage Filtration

Beverage industry is a processing industry with high requirements on hygiene and its related technologies. We offer high quality, high efficient filter elements for beverage filtration industry to ensure the quality and safety of beverage products, extend the service life of the filter and lower the production costs.

Gas Filtration
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Air Filtration
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Dust Filtration
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Polymer Filtration
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Oil & Gas Filtration
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Lubricating Oil Filtration
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Edible Oil Filtration
Edible oil production equipment
Coalescence Separation Filtration
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Seawater Desalination Filtration
Seawater desalination plant
Wastewater Filtration
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Medicine Liquid Filtration
Pharmaceutical factory production equipment
Beverage Filtration
Beer production equipment
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Manufacturing Technology

We have advanced equipment and production technology, combined with our rich manufacturing experience, we can produce high performance metal filter elements.

Metal filter cloth made of different materials.
Material Selection

We provide a wide range of material options to produce your desired metal filter elements and meet the needs of being used in different working conditions.

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Quality Control

All our products are made in accordance with the latest international standards. We have strict factory inspection to ensure all products we deliver to our customers are high quality.

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Development & Customization

We have a professional team of experts, and cooperate with many well-known universities to develop new products with independent intellectual property rights, and win many patent licenses. Beside, we can help you solve all problems you encounter and provide all-round technical support for your filter selection.

Our Partners
We will work with our partners to challenge our limits and set new industry standard to create a cleaner world.
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An American multinational conglomerate corporation, its products are widely used in pharmaceutical, automotive, electronics, etc.

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A South Korea shipbuilding company, mainly operating in shipbuilding, construction, engineering, energy, and leisure sectors.

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One of the biggest chemical manufacturer, specializing in R&D and production of chemicals and high performance materials.

DuPont company logo

An Italian nonwovens equipment manufacturer, mainly providing manufacturing machinery and custom assembly line solutions.

Ramina company logo

A Mexico industrial equipment supplier, specializing in offering industrial chemical pumps and parts and related technical services.

Indeflusa company logo

A Brazil separation technology and filter equipment company, specializing in providing industrial filtration related equipment.

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An European one-stop supplier for all industrial filters, providing all kinds of industrial filters and related full services.

Filter-Technics company logo

A Poland industrial filters and filter systems producer, and its products has a wide range of filtration applications.

Niltech company logo

A private research university located in Stanford, California, we cooperated with this university on filtration research.

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An agricultural & industrial filter manufacturer, mainly used in wastewater treatment, drinking water treatment and cooling systems.

Amiad Water Systems company logo

A super large central government owned enterprise mainly engaged in shipbuilding, ship equipment and ship technology development.

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An Indian company covering steel and textile industries, with business projects involving filtration systems and steel products.

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An Huston-based personal care products company, known for manufacturing high quality professional hair care products.

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A public university of higher education with a focus on science and technology research, one of first-rate universities in China.

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