Dust Collector Filter Cartridge

In a dust filter baghouse which employs a small-diameter filter cartridge, the same attachment structure is adapted for installation of the cartridge from either below or above the baghouse tube sheet. The cartridge has an annular cap having an external bead which is received within an annular recess of a skirt portion of a hollow boot which is clamped to the cap of the cartridge and extends up to the tube sheet. Where the cartridge has to be installed from below the tube sheet, a cylindrical cup is provided having an inward flange at its upper end which is secured to the tube sheet. The cylindrical cup has an annular external recess which receives an annular internal bead on the hollow boot. Where the cartridge is installed from above the tube sheet, an external annular groove in an outwardly extending flange at the upper end of the hollow boot is received within the peripheral edge of the hole in the tube sheet.

Boegger Filter can supply every type of pleated type filter cartridges for all applications including micro-biological, and high efficiency particulate filters of all sizes and materials. We can provide replacement elements for air, water, hydraulics, specialty gases.

Dust collectors are manufactured with expanded metal on the inner core and outer shell. They are commonly available in single and double open end styles.

A dust collector filter cartridge with rubber edge is on a desk.
DCFC-01: Dust collector filter cartridge with rubber edge.
A dust collector filter cartridge with metal edge is on the floor.
DCFC-02: Dust collector filter cartridge with metal edge.

Dust collectors are designed for dust removal. They work well in environments comprised with an abundance of wood or other dust particles. Dust collector filters provide improved working conditions and reduce your impact on the environment. We have both dust bags and cartridges for all types of dust collector filters.

Three dust collectors with rubber edge are on the floor.
DCFC-03: Dust collector filter cartridge: inner expanded mesh and outer expanded mesh.
Five dust collector filter cartridges are placed in workshop.
DCFC-04: Dust collector filter cartridge with rubber edge or metal edge.

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