Wire Mesh Filter Discs

Boegger offers excellent wire mesh filter discs of varied materials and sizes. Typical one is low carbon steel wire woven mesh punched into circular filter. The weaving method is plain, twill, or plain Dutch and twill Dutch. Also supply welded multi-layer pack filter used in rubber industry, plastic industry, oil industry and cereal sifter. Our high-speed cutting machines enable us to offer low prices on large and small quantities.

Five round filter discs with metal coin in the middle.
WMFD-01: Round filter discs without edges.
Three round filter discs with metal coin in the middle.
WMFD-02: Round filter discs with wrapped edges.


  • Materials: The materials of wire mesh filter discs are stainless wire mesh, phosphor copper wire mesh and brass wire mesh.
  • Shape: Boegger wire mesh filter discs have variety of shapes, for instance round, rectangle, oval, crescent and semicircle.
  • The wrapped brim material: Copper coating nickel, aluminum, stainless steel.
  • The layers of the filter: One layer, two layers, three layers and multi-layer.
A metal coin is beside a section of woven filter.
WMFD-03: Stainless steel plain weave wire mesh filter.
A metal coin is on a piece of woven filter.
WMFD-04: Carbon steel plain weave wire mesh filter.
A wrapped edge stainless steel filter disc is beside a metal coin.
WMFD-05: Plain surface stainless steel filter disc with wrapped edges.
Two pieces of pleated surface filter discs are on a hand.
WMFD-06: Pleated surface stainless steel filter discs with brass edges.
Many pieces of woven filter discs in ring shape.
WMFD-07: Ring shape woven wire mesh filter.
A hand is holding a piece of perforated round filter.
WMFD-08: Round shape perforated filter.
Many pieces of filter disc with EPDM gasket.
WMFD-09: Filter disc with EPDM gasket.
Many pieces of filter disc with plastic gasket.
WMFD-10: Filter disc with plastic gasket.


  • Boegger wire mesh filters have long service life.
  • This kind of filter can withstand harsh work conditions.
  • Meantime Boegger wire mesh filter can withstand high temperature.
  • This kind of filter has excellence service properties.

Applications of Filter Discs: Filter discs are mainly used in the absorption, evaporation and filtration process in petroleum, chemical, medicine, metallurgy, machinery, ship and automobiles to delete the mist drop or liquid foam or used as air filter in cars and trucks. Disc diameter; from 5mm to 600mm.

Fineness: From 1mesh to 2800mesh (according to specifications of filtration media).

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