Filter Wire Cloth

We normally use stainless steel woven mesh 304, 304L, 316, 316L as filter media in the patterns of Plain, Twilled, Dutch weave to achieve full range of aperture and properties.
In Plain Weave Filter Wire Cloth: The warp wire that establishes the length of the wire mesh and the weft wire, parallel to the width, cross one another, alternating one on the top and one under, forming a 90° angle between each other.

Twilled Weave: The wires of the weft and the warp intercross two above and two below, inverting the intersections of the warp wire at an established distance, obtaining a rigid, stable and robust type of wire mesh fabric. The wire position of twill weave wire mesh is less stable compared with plain weave.

Plain Weave and Twilled Weave forms a square opening with filtration rating from 0.028mm to 5mm (from 3 mesh to 500 mesh count per inch).

Five round filter discs with a metal coin in the middle.
FWC-01: Stainless steel filter disc with high filtration rate.

Dutch Plain Weave
This kind of wire mesh filter cloth comes with a larger warp wire diameter than the weft wire. The weft wire is weaved together creating greater strength and filtering power than that of solid woven wire mesh cloth.

A piece of dutch plain weave round filter with wrapped edge.
FWC-02: Dutch plain weave round filter with wrapped edge.
A piece of dutch plain weave abnormal shape filter.
FWC-03: Dutch plain weave abnormal shape filter.

Dutch Twilled Weave
In Dutch Twilled Weave Wire Mesh, the wire of the weft and the warp intercross two above, with a larger weft wire than the warp.
Dutch Weave filter wire cloth makes idea fine filtration materials in various industries.

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