Filter Wire Mesh (Knitted)

Knitted wire mesh filter is a kind of compressed wire mesh filter elements providing a random flow and filtration effects. Boegger Company can supply the knitted wire mesh filter in the form of airbag filter and knitted wire mesh assures that the heat and contaminants do not compromise during inflation.

Materials: The materials of knitted wire mesh filter can be stainless steel wire, copper wire, galvanized iron wire, NS-80 wire or polyamide fiber.

Features of Knitted Wire Mesh Filters:
Boegger Knitted Wire Mesh Filters can stand up to hostile operation environments and has many configuration options. Knitted wire mesh also will not fail in the high temperatures and can be supplied conforming to any sizes and shape requirements.

Types of knitted filter wire mesh:
We can produce various filter wire mesh according to customers' requirements. Application: Filter wire mesh for gas and liquid serves well in petroleum, chemicals, metallurgy, machine, automobile and environmental protection.

In distillation, absorption, evaporation, filtration in the process of petroleum, oil refining, chemical industry, light industry, pharmacy, metallurgy, machinery, ship-making, automobiles and tractors, to delete the mist drop or liquid foam in air, also used as air filter in cars and tractors.

The hand is holding a piece of knitted wire mesh filter and we can see the woven type of the mesh clearly.
FWMK-01: Stainless steel knitted wire mesh filter.
A roll of stainless steel knitted wire mesh filter is on the desk.
FWMK-02: Knitted wire mesh with excellent flexibility.
A round small compressed knitted wire mesh filter.
FWMK-03: Compressed knitted wire mesh filter.
Five pieces of round compressed knitted wire mesh filter.
FWMK-04: Compressed knitted wire mesh filter with high filtration.

Specifications of Knitted Wire Mesh:

Standard Filter Wire Mesh High Efficiency Type High Permeation Type
40 - 100 60 - 150 60 - 100 80 - 100 20 - 100 30 - 100
80 - 200 90 - 250 80 - 150 90 - 150 30 - 150 70 - 140
100 - 350 140 - 400 200 - 400 - 36 - 180 -
140 - 470 160 - 450 - - - -
180 - 550 200 - 700 - - - -

We also offer knitted wire mesh silencers and mufflers for air moving equipment. These silencers contain fibrous packing materials that control noise by "absorbing" noise energy. As the sound waves pass through the spaces between the tightly packed small-diameter fibers of the absorptive material, the resulting viscous friction dissipates the sound energy as small amounts of heat.
Since the noise is absorbed by the packing media, the absorptive silencer does not rely on internal baffles, tubes, or other restrictive devices to achieve noise reduction. Consequently, absorptive silencers generally employ straight-through or similar internal designs that impose very little restriction to air flow.

Knitted wire mesh filters are packed in carton.
FWMK-05: Package of knitted wire mesh filter.

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