Hydraulic Filter Elements

The filter division of Boegger Company has introduced a range of hydraulic filter elements designed to eliminate the problems of equipment downtime and failure caused by fluid contamination.

Elements are the porous devices that perform the actual process of filtration. Boegger offers a broad range of media to handle virtually any requirement. Read the details on our major media types below.

Boegger media are made from micro-fine glass fibers which are randomly laid into a multilayered web. The media are impregnated with proprietary resins and thermally cured for strength and stability. They are engineered with a tapered pore geometry to provide superior contaminant capacity. Larger pores are located on the upstream surface, with finer and finer pores in the depth of the media. This proven media design philosophy gives All hydraulic filter elements are designed and tested to provide Beta > 200 filtration efficiency. Boegger hydraulic filter elements are offered in standard grades of 3, 6, 12 and 20 microns. They are designed and tested to withstand 150 and 300 psid collapse pressure.

Three pieces of pleated hydraulic filter elements with different edges.
HFE-01: Pleated hydraulic filter elements.

Product Code: Metal Filter.

Material: Hydraulic filter elements is made of stainless steel woven wire mesh or sintered wire mesh.

Features: This kind of filter elements is made from single-layer or multi-layer woven wire mesh or sintered wire mesh. Hydraulic filter elements have different layer numbers of wire mesh and different mesh counts depending on the work and application conditions. The pressure applied is high and the surface has a straight line and no burr. Hydraulic filter elements for replacement have a refined filtration accuracy and long service life for industrial lubrication, filter of crude oil, refined filter in the distillation, absorption, evaporation and other filtering processes. This filter element is supplied in a number of models and specifications for the replacement convenience and quick installation with small initial pressure drop and long cleaning cycle.

Types of Hydraulic Filter Elements:

  • In-line hydraulic filter.
  • Suction strainers.
  • In-tank hydraulic filter.

These types are classified by their functions. Meantime they vary in size, shape and function depending on where they occur in the hydraulic filter system.

Specifications of Hydraulic Filter Elements

  • Filtering accuracy (µm): 2-200 micron.
  • Rated flow: 80-200L/min.
  • Work pressure: 0.8MPa.
  • Temperature: 70-95.
  • Filter media: SS304, 316 stainless steel wire mesh.
A pleated hydraulic filter is front of many pieces of hydraulic filter elements.
HFE-02: Pleated hydraulic filter with male flange.
Pleated hydraulic filter with single open end is front many pieces of filter elements.
HFE-03: The flange of hydraulic can be customized.

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