Pack Filter Screen

Boegger Company offers pack filter screen in a wide assortment of media and construction. This kind of pack filter screen is also known as leaf pack or pack filters. Boegger pack filter screen has multi-layer wire cloth filter components welded or framed with filter media of a wide range of micron opening.

Many small pieces of filters are on the big pack filter.
PFS-01: Pack filter screens are in different shape.

Types of Pack Filter Screen: Pack filter screen can be made into round, square and other special shapes.

A wrapped edge oval shape pack filter screen.
PFS-02: Oval shape pack filter screen with wrapped edge.
A round shape pack filter screen with point welding edge
PFS-03: Round shape pack filter screen with point welding edge.

Material: Frame materials include aluminum, stainless steel and nickel coated copper.

Filter Media: Popular filter cloth for pack filters cover stainless steel sintered fiber web, stainless steel woven wire mesh, phosphate copper wire mesh and copper wire mesh.

Specification: To meet customer's specific requirements.

Application: Pack filter screen as filter components in polyester film and spinning in chemical fiber industry.

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