Suction Strainers

Boegger Corporation manufacture full range of wire mesh suction strainers for export to Germany, Singapore, America, etc. Extra caution should be taken to ensure that the suction elements are always mounted below the minimum oil level of the reservoir. Standard models have nominal filtration ratings of 74 or 125 microns. The suction strainer elements can also be supplied with a bypass valve to reduce high pressure drops caused by contaminated elements or high viscosity fluids during cold starting. The bypass valve opens at 3 psi. For best results, suction strainer elements should be sized for clean element pressure drops off no higher than 0.5 - 0.07 psi.

Many pieces of different type suction strainers.
SS-01: Different type suction strainers.

Mesh Materials
Boegger suction strainers are manufactured using stainless steel wire screen media. Standard Stainless Steel type 304: The basic stainless alloy (18% chrome, 8% nickel) and the most extensively used to weave wire cloth. It has excellent corrosion resistance which is satisfactory for most applications. Where no type is specified, it is assumed that type 304 is acceptable.

Stainless Steel type 316: The same characteristics as type 304 with an additional 2% molybdenum to provide increased corrosion resistance to salts and acids. In addition it has increased strength at high temperatures.

Standard brass (copper 65%, zinc 35%) has high strength and ductility for severe cold with a mild corrosion resistance.

A high nickel copper alloy which is one of the most widely used alloys for corrosion resistance. It has the strength of a mild steel and will not corrode in a great many solutions found in industrial applications.

Limited availability and lead times apply. Besides the materials, outside sizes and filtration rating can be produced according to customer requirements.

A woven suction strainer with brass edge.
SS-02: Suction strainer with brass edge.
A woven suction strainer with stainless edge.
SS-03: Suction strainer with stainless steel edge.
A woven wire mesh suction strainer large aperture.
SS-04: A plain weave suction strainer.
A conical woven suction strainer without edge.
SS-05: Suction strainer without edge.
Two fingers are pinching a piece of bend edge suction strainer.
SS-06: Suction strainer with bend edge.
A hand is holding a piece of flat end suction strainer.
SS-07: Flat end suction strainer.

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