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Help You Meet Beverage Filtration Challenges by Improving the Quality of Our Metal Filter Elements

In the beverage manufacturing industry, filtration is a key step in many parts of the production process, whether it is drinking water, fruit juice or beer, many links require filtration, from rinsing the primary pulp with sterile water to cleaning or disinfecting barrels and bottles before filling.

Beverage filtration guarantees the taste of products, extends the shelf life of perishable products, and ensure that products are safe to consume.

Beverage Filtration

Beverage filtration refers to the effective removal of contaminants, organic pigments, sediments, particles, and decayed organisms from drinking water or other beverages through metal filtration elements. Besides, it also removes odors, residual chlorine and other harmful substances from water, while retaining minerals and trace elements, and improving the taste and nutritional value of the beverage.

  • Filter Rating Choose metal filter elements with different filter rating based on different filtration processes and filter media to achieve the best filtration performance.
  • Dirt Holding Capacity The larger the dirt holding capacity of the filter, the longer the service life. It helps to reduce downtime for replacement and maintenance costs
  • Equipment Compatibility Our metal filter elements can meet the needs of various applications by offering custom configuration and structures.

We can provide you with professional and considerate custom services to produce high-quality filter elements that meet your needs and can be perfectly compatible with the components of the entire filtration system. Meanwhile, higher dirt holding capacity also brings a longer service life. High-precision filter elements can remove impurities and harmful substances in beverage processing, thus improving the quality and safety of the beverage.

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