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Efficient Polymer Filtration Ensures The Equipment Produce Qualified Rubber & Plastic Products

We can provide candle filters, leaf disc filters and extruder screens for polymer filtration and purification in rubber and plastic industries, to filter out solid impurities (such as dust and silicates), agglomerated additives (such as catalysts, inhibitors, and stabilizers), and clustered contaminants generated during the production of nylon and polyester. If not filtered, it may lower the quality of the final products, increase maintenance frequency, and improve production costs.

Through effective and reliable filtration, it shortens the downtime for maintenance, reduces wastes and impurities in finished products and ensures the stable output and high quality of final products.

Polymer Filtration

Polymer filtration is a mechanical methods of filtering out insoluble solid particles and impurities from polymer materials. Generally, filters made of high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant alloys are used to filter high temperature, high viscosity polymers in the production process of rubber and plastic industries. The judgement on the filter performance depends on if the filter structure and filter rating are reasonably designed according to the properties of filter media, and if this design makes the filter achieve its longest service life and play its optimal performance. It mainly concerns the following aspects.

  • Durability Choosing different materials to meet various needs. For example, choose wear resistant, pitting resistant or thermostable materials based on the properties of filter media to improve the service life of filter elements.
  • Type Selection Pleating technology allow the filter to achieve maximum filter area, prolonged service life and reduced operating costs.
  • Structure Selection By optimizing the filter element structure such as lining type, pores between filter discs to reduce the residence time and improve the filtration efficiency.

The following filter elements are commonly used in polymer filtration. Pleated filter elements can make the filter smaller in size, thereby minimizing the residence time of the polymer melt in the filter and avoiding melt degradation. Sintered mesh is also often used in extruder screens, and its sturdy structure ensures stable product output. The cleanliness of the metal wire mesh and filter element is guaranteed in the production process through pyrolysis, hydrolysis, chemical dissolution, ultrasonic cleaning, and water jet cleaning, to ensure the quality of the final products.

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