Case Study

Customized Cone Strainers

Sep 15, 2023

Cone strainer is a common pipeline filtration equipment with a conical shape, which is mainly used to remove impurities and particles in the pipeline, so as to ensure the stability of the process and the safe operation of the equipment. Due to its simple structure, easy installation, and easy cleaning, it is widely used in industrial production. In addition, the material and design of the cone strainer also affect its filtration efficiency and service life.

Working Principle

Based on the principle of physical filtration, when fluid enters the cone filter, its flow rate slows down so that impurities and particles are retained inside the filter by the mesh screen, while clean fluid flows out of the outlet. When impurities inside the cone filter accumulate to a certain extent, it is necessary to clean or replace the cone strainer. At this time, simply remove the cone strainer, clean it with water or a chemical solution, and then re-install it.


Cone strainers are mainly used for pipelines before starting, installed between the two flanges of the pipeline. The equipment is simple, reliable, convenient, and widely applicable.

  • Oil suction filter
  • High pressure line filter
  • Return filter
  • Circulation filter
  • Air filter
Customized Cases
  • Product name: cone strainer
  • Sheet thickness: 0.75 mm
  • Bottom O.D.: 88 mm
  • Bottom I.D.: 80 mm
  • Total height: 121 mm
  • Top O.D.: 10 mm
  • Thickness of bottom edge: 0.75 mm
  • Punching edge from bottom: 5–6 mm
  • Aperture: 2 mm × 10 mm
  • Strand: 1 mm
Overall and detail drawing of cone strainer
Finished Products
Measure the bottom O.D. of cone strainer with vernier caliper to be 87.77 mm

Outside diameter 87.77 mm

Measure the bottom I.D. of cone strainer with vernier caliper to be 79.7 mm

Inside diameter 79.7mm

Measure bottom edge thickness of cone strainer with vernier caliper to be 0.75 mm

Edge thickness 0.75 mm

Measure the aperture width of cone strainer with vernier caliper to be 2 mm

Aperture width 2 mm

Measure aperture length of cone strainer with a vernier caliper to be 10 mm

Aperture length 10 mm

Measure strand width of cone strainer with a vernier caliper to be 0.99 mm

Distance between holes 0.99 mm

Total height of cone strainer is 12.1 cm measured with a straightedge.

Total height 12.1 cm

Cone strainer detail display


3 stacked cone strainers

Finished products