Disc Filter

Stainless steel disc filter is used in heavy duty applications such as the dewatering of iron ore taconite, hematite, coal, aluminum hydrate, copper concentrate, pyrite flotation concentrates and other beneficiation processes.

Filter Tube Types

Filter tube types: here show some types tubes for filtration. Filter tube, filter tube oval, rectangular tubes and filter sheet. Each type product specifications are listed here.

Stainless Steel Wire Filter Cloth

Stainless steel wire mesh is used as wire filter cloth or screen with materials 304. Stainless steel wire mesh filter or cloth is often used in food, chemical and other industries.

Stainless Steel Round Filter

Stainless steel round wire filter: stainless steel wire filter has many types, such as filter panel, round filter disc, wire filter with handle. Stainless steel wire filters is for filtration and separation.

Stainless steel filter screens

Filter screens can be supplied with different materials are types. Stainless steel filter screens are the most common. Round filter screens and oval stainless steel filter screens are all supplied.

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