Learn About Our History, Achievements & Future Expectations

In 1999, Boedon was founded and specialized in the manufacture of woven wire mesh. From initially producing standard sizes of products to providing complete solutions for our customers, we always do our best efforts and make new progress.

We insist on better serving our customers by providing updated technology, innovative products, and customized solutions to achieve higher filtration efficiency and lower filtration costs.

At the same time, we also make contribution to industrial filtration, making our world cleaner.

Plant workshop after expansion
2021 /
Expanded workshop scale

We expanded the size of the factory to meet the growing demand for orders, improved production capacity to meet urgent and large orders, and ensured timely delivery of high-quality products.

ISO 9001 certificate
2019 /
Renewed ISO 9001–2005 certificate

We renewed our ISO 9001 certificate, indicating that our production and quality control systems meet international and industry standards.

Newly opened office
2015 /
Set up new offices

We set up a new office in Henshui and organized an enthusiastic and professional sales team to meet the growing business demands and better serve our customers.

Laser welding equipment
2012 /
Imported new equipment

We introduced imported sintering equipment, welding equipment and improved punching machines to achieve precision production and meet the needs of various metal filter element orders.

R&D members are taking part in a meeting.
2009 /
Established R&D Department

We established a R&D department consisting of 13 engineers and 5 marketing researchers. They have extensive industry experience and can design new products and provide complete filtration solutions to solve problems encountered by our customers.

7 metal filter elements in different types
2005 /
Made various kinds of industrial filter elements

We started to produce various metal filter elements for chemical filtration and liquid filtration. Benefiting from our self-produced wire mesh raw materials, our products met our customers' satisfaction and overseas orders grew rapidly.

Weaving equipment in operation
2003 /
Introduced German equipment

We introduced imported German weaving equipment to achieve more precise production, reduced costs and meet demanding filtration requirements.

Woven mesh products in the workshop
1999 /
Boedon was founded

Boedon was founded and specialized in wire mesh weaving and providing raw materials for metal filter element production.

Development Direction
Develop New Products

We will strengthen our technology research and development, improve product quality and performance, and continue to innovate to meet the changing needs of our customers.

Expand Market Share

We will actively expand our domestic and international market shares, broaden our product sales channels and improve our market share.

Introduce Talents & Elites

We will enhance the talents introduction and training, establish a sound talent management system, improve our employees' skills and quality, thus provide strong talent support for the development of the enterprise.