Dust in the room

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Dust particles in the air may move with airflow, do inertia motion or irregular motion, or move under the influence of certain field forces. These particles may affect the quality of industrial products and do harm to human health. Therefore, metal air filters are often used in places where high air quality is required, such as automobile paint booths, chip factories, precision equipment production workshops and computer rooms, to avoid the negative impact of impurities in the air on the whole process and to ensure the normal operation of instruments and equipment.

Air Filtration

The principle of air filtration is to use porous filter materials to capture dust particles from gas-solid two-phase flow, thereby purifying the air. We can improve the filtration efficiency of metal air filters and meet your requirements for air quality in specific environments by optimizing the following parameters.

  • Air Filter Resistance Matching filtration rate of the air filter should be ensured to avoid any negative impact on the overall efficiency of the filtration system
  • Dirt Holding Capacity The larger the dust holding capacity of a filter, the longer its service life, which can reduce downtime for replacement and lower costs.
  • Transmittance The ratio of the particle concentration after filtration to the particle concentration before filtration. A higher transmittance indicates a higher degree of purification.

Air filters need to effectively trap dust particles without creating too much resistance to the airflow or affecting the overall filtration efficiency of the system. Depending on the different types of particles that need to be filtered from the air, the resistance and transmittance of metal air filters should be precisely matched to achieve higher energy efficiency in the entire filtration system.

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