Molecular structure of hydrogen and ammonia

Industrial Gas Filtration Removes Harmful Impurities and Pollutants During Production

In industrial gas production and processing, gases such as methane, ammonia, hydrogen, nitrogen and helium need to be washed, purified, and recovered. Impurities such as dust, dirt, water and oil are generated in these processes.

If not filtered, it will affect the quality of the final products, damage the equipment and may lead to system downtime. Choosing high-efficiency filter elements can ensure the smooth operation of the entire production system and get high-quality products.

Gas Filtration

Gas filtration is the process where contaminant particles are removed from a gas through a filter. The effectiveness of filtration depends on the performance of the filter element and the compatibility of the overall filtration system. By optimizing the following parameters, we can achieve the best performance of our filter elements in various applications, thus efficiently obtaining the purest gas.

  • Basic Pressure Drop Choose a filter element with an appropriate pressure drop to match the efficiency of the filter and the maximum dust holding capacity of the filter while ensuring the filtration effect.
  • Corrosion Resistance Choose corrosion-resistant materials when the gas contains components such as acids, alkalis and oxidants.
  • Fire & Explosion Prevention Take measures to prevent fire and explosion when handling dusty gases with combustible and explosive components.

We can provide you with tailor-made solutions and offer corrosion resistant, fireproof & explosion-proof filter elements based on the properties of the gas. Moreover, we can also supply filter elements with optimal gas fluidity and high flow rate based on your flow rate requirements, thus guaranteeing their dirt holding capacity without sacrificing the long-term performance.

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