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Provide Best Solutions for Liquid-Solid Separation in Edible Oil Filtration & Processing Process

Edible oils cover various types of oils obtained from seeds, grains and nuts. They are rich in various nutrients. Fats and oils obtained directly from oilseeds are called crude oils and fats. This crude product contains a variety of substances including free fatty acids, proteins, water and phospholipids, which can affect the flavor, color and shelf life of the product.

Through edible oil filtration, the turbidity in the oil can be effectively separated to ensure the stable quality of the product and to achieve the highest efficiency of purification and filtration of edible oil products.

Edible Oil Filtration

In the food processing industry, especially in edible oil processing and filtration process, only efficient filtration can ensure stable product quality and extend the service life of the system. Edible oil filtration can effectively separate impurities from edible oil, remove accumulated odors, extend the shelf life of products, and save production energy consumption. We can help you enhance your production efficiency and the quality of edible oil by improving the following indicators.

  • Filtration Efficiency Improve the filtration efficiency by adjusting the filtration pressure, temperature , flow rate and other parameters.
  • Impurity Removal Capacity Choose filters with different structures to remove impurities from different kinds of edible oils as some are mixed with animal fat while others are filled with sand and other impurities that might come from the produces.
  • Stability Choose filters with a proper flow rate can provide you a cool and stable environment to prevent the raw materials losing their distinct flavour.

We can develop customized edible oil filtration solutions for you by combining your existing equipment to improve filtration efficiency according to your requirements. We can recommend different types of filters for different viscosities to ensure complete removal of contaminants and debris from edible oil at every viscosity level and to ensure the efficient production of consistent quality edible oil.

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