Oil droplets coalesce together.

Coalescence Separation Filtration – Tackle Your Intractable Problems in Oil-Water & Gas-Liquid Filtration

Coalescence separation filtration technology can be used for oil-water separation and gas-liquid separation in the chemical industry. Coalescer filter elements are usually adopted when removing liquid droplets below 1 μm. They are mainly used to separate liquid droplets with a particle size of 0.1–1 μm, and are commonly used in the downstream of blade separators, mist collectors, and filter separators.

Coalescence-separation filters have a wide range of applications and are mainly suitable for filtering and separating media such as fuel, gasoline, diesel, petroleum coke, liquefied petroleum gas, turbine oil, low viscosity hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, cyclohexane, isopropanol, cyclohexanol, cyclohexanone, etc.

Coalescence Separation

When a liquid-gas mixture or an oil-water mixture flows radially through multiple layers of filter material from the inside a filter element, the pore size gradually increases. Small liquid droplets collide with the filter fibers and gradually aggregate into larger droplets under the combined effects of inertial, diffusion, and interception. Due to gravity, the aggregated large droplets settle in the drainage layer outside the filter element and sink to the bottom of the container. Relying on good hydrophilic and oleophobic properties of the separator filter element, further separation of water can be achieved to obtain the final pure product. The following parameters can be used to improve the operating efficiency.

  • Filtration Layer Thickness of Coalescer Filter Element The filtration efficiency will increase as the thickness of the filter layer increases.
  • Filling Density The filtration efficiency will decrease as the liquid saturation of the filter material increases.
  • Quantity Ratio of Coalescer and Separator Filter Elements The larger the quantity ratio, the better the coalescence effect and the faster the separation speed.

Coalescer filter element is used to filter tiny solid particles. Small liquid droplets are aggregated into large droplets and separated by the coalescence layer. The separator filter element further separates oil and water to obtain the final product. The filtration efficiency can be improved by increasing the filtration layer thickness and filling density of the coalescer filter element. The filtration rate can be increased by reasonably designing an appropriate quantity ratio of the coalescer and separator filter elements.

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