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Optimize the Filtration Effect and Provide Products with Best Cleanliness for Medicine Liquid Filtration

In the biopharmaceutical industry, the effectiveness of medicine liquid filtration technology directly affects the product quality, cost, and production efficiency, regardless of whether it is active pharmaceutical ingredients, pharmaceuticals, or excipients. If insoluble or non-drug particles in pharmaceutical liquids are not filtered, it will lower the product quality, production efficiency, and even lead to downtime, resulting in economic losses.

Filtration improves product quality and plays a critical role in ensuring the final sterility and safety of drugs.

Medicine Liquid Filtration

Metal filters are often used for clarification and pre-filtration in medicine liquid filtration, to remove solid impurities, undissolved powders, and particles. By selecting filter elements with an appropriate pore size, strength, and corrosion resistance, the filter can operate for a long time and maintain efficient filtration.

  • Filtration Rate It indicates the filtration performance of the filter element and is subject to the concentration of feed particles, viscosity and temperature characteristics.
  • Operating Mode The operating mode can be either constant pressure or constant flow. Constant pressure filtration is generally used in applications where high filtration accuracy is required, while constant flow filtration is used in applications where high flow rate is required.
  • Permeability It refers to the capacity of medicine liquid to pass through a filter element and is influenced by filter type, fluid temperature and solid content.

We can help you choose the right metal filter elements with appropriate filtration rates and permeability based on your operating environment, optimize your production process, and achieve maximum filtration efficiency. By matching the filter element to the entire pharmaceutical liquid filtration system, we can extend the life of the filter and reduce total filtration costs.

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