Seawater desalination plant and equipment

Cope with Harsh Environment Challenges of Seawater Desalination Filtration

In seawater desalination filtration, metal filtration elements are typically used at the inlet of the seawater purification system for preliminary filtration. Since seawater may contain a variety of minerals and organisms, it needs to be pre-filtered before it can be delivered to other process equipment.

If not filtered, it may cause wear and damage to subsequent precision equipment. Large particle impurities and organic matter in seawater can clog processing equipment, reducing processing efficiency and increasing processing costs.

Seawater Desalination Filtration

Seawater desalination filtration uses the permeability of porous media to allow particles to settle on the surface or inside of the filtration media. Large molecular impurities in seawater are filtered and removed first. We can improve the filtration effect of the filter elements from following aspects.

  • Material Selection Based on the corrosion characteristics of seawater, filter elements made of duplex stainless steel, Hastelloy alloy, and Monel alloy are selected.
  • Welding Technology Different welding techniques are adopted according to different welding materials to make the structure more robust and have better mechanical properties.
  • Filter Metal Shape The circular, triangular, and rectangular cross-sections of the wedge wire filter element are designed to improve the dewatering and sieving efficiency of the filter element.

By understanding your needs in detail, we can provide a perfect custom solution. We will make a specific analysis of the composition of the filtered seawater, choose the right material and ensure that the product has a longer service life. Depending on the selected materials, we will choose a proper welding technology to ensure high-quality products. We will select custom filter elements to help it achieve the best performance and produce greater economic benefits by improving the structure of the filter elements and other details.

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