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Development & Customization – Provide Best Solutions for Your Projects

We have strong development & customization capacities. Our independent R&D department cooperates with many well-known universities, which makes us ahead of our industry in technological innovation. We have developed new products with independent intellectual property rights and obtained multiple patents.

We provide customized design and technical consulting services to help our customers solve various filtration problems. We also offer after-sales services to ensure the long-term stable operation of our customers' filtration equipment.

Our Development & Customization Process

Customer Demand


Design & Development









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Customer Demand

Through active and in-depth communication, we can provide more professional solutions to meet the market demand by combining our rich production experience with your needs.

Engineers are designing the filter drawing.
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Design & Development

Once you have clear specifications, our engineers begin to make precise calculations and seek innovative methods to achieve breakthrough performance, striving to perfect every detail.

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We build models by providing professional drawings to bring your ideas to life for the first time and ensure the feasibility of your design solutions.

A worker is conducting data analysis in the sample room.
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Based on the specifications and drawings, our professional sample making department completes the sample making. Evaluation is done through rigorous testing.

Workers are producing products in the workshop.
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When you confirming that the product can perfectly meet your needs, we will deliver your products as quickly as possible with quality assurance.

A OC worker is checking the quality of products.
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We strictly follow our product shipment inspection standards to inspect the products leaving the factory. We use advanced testing devices to provide accurate test results and ensure that the products meet corresponding standards.

Common Cases

From sample making to conducting various tests, we have a professional technical team and advanced production equipment to meet the production needs of metal filter elements with different specifications and requirements. We can provide you with the following common custom filter elements made of stainless steel and other high nickel alloys.

  • Metal filter elements for high temperature applications
  • Metal filter elements for high pressure applications
  • Metal filter elements for highly corrosive applications
  • Corrosion resistant filter elements
  • Washable and reusable filter elements
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