The wastewater treatment plant is discharging wastewater.

Provide Superior Metal Filter Elements and Make Breakthroughs in Wastewater Filtration Field

Wastewater filtration is usually used to treat large volumes of wastewater generated from activities such as households, industries, or businesses. The wastewater often contains various solids or impurities such as clay, sand, colloids, microorganisms, and organic matters. Metal filter elements are firstly used for pre-filtration to protect subsequent treatment equipment, improve filtration efficiency, and enhance the quantity and quality of wastewater treatment, while reducing treatment costs and guaranteeing good treatment results.

Wastewater Filtration

Wastewater filtration typically involves physically separating solids or impurities such as clay, sand, colloids, microorganisms, and organic matters from water. By setting up filters with different filter ratings, particles and debris are removed from wastewater. We can improve filtration efficiency and stability by adjusting the following parameters.

  • Solid Content Choose metal filter elements with different pressure drops based on the solid content in the wastewater.
  • Filter Media Area Filters with optimized structure design and increased filter contact area can filter more impurities and offer higher working efficiency.
  • Material Choose filters made of different materials according to different filtration environments to improve the stability of the filter.

We can develop filter elements that are perfectly meet your specific demands based on the different characteristic of wastewater generated in different environments, such as particle density, particle size, shape, quantity and contaminant types. As a result, we can help you operate your system more efficiently and consistently and improve the system performance by optimizing the process while lowering the maintenance costs.

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