Case Study

Custom No-Crossbar Perforated Filter Cylinder for Sewage Treatment

Aug 18, 2023

Custom No-crossbar perforated filter cylinders are a type of filter elements often used in sewage treatment. They are usually designed and manufactured according to specific customer requirements and applications to ensure optimal filtration effect and performance.

No-crossbar perforated filter cylinders can be customized according to different requirements, such as hole size, hole spacing and plate thickness. These parameters can be adjusted to make these perforated filter elements suitable for different types of sewage treatment processes to achieve the best filtration effect. In addition, we can provide various surface treatments for custom perforated filter cylinders as needed, such as spraying and plating, to improve their corrosion resistance and lifespan.

During the sewage treatment, custom no-crossbar perforated filter cylinders are commonly used as primary filters to remove larger impurities and suspended particles. Their advantages include reusable, easy to clean, less prone to clogging, and have a longer lifespan. In addition, they can be used in conjunction with other filter elements, such as activated carbon filters and ultrafilters, to achieve better filtration results.

Custom Specifications
  • Material: SS304, SS304L, SS316, SS316L, carbon steel, other alloy, etc.
  • Overall height: 456.18 mm
  • Filtration part: Height: 453.64 mm; O.D.: 76.2 mm; thickness: 0.76 mm
  • Hole: Diameter: 1.57 mm; center-to-center distance: 1.98 mm
  • Top Cover: O.D.: 97.28 mm; I.D.: 76.2 mm; thickness: 1.78 mm; height: 8.38 mm
  • Bottom Cover: O.D.: 106.17 mm; I.D.: 76.2 mm; thickness:1.78 mm; height: 8.38 mm
Custom perforated filter cylinder details display
Custom Products Display
A caliper is used to check the top cover diameter of custom perforated filter cylinder.

Top cover diameter inspection (can be welded with a cross bar)

A caliper is used to check the bottom cover diameter of custom perforated filter cylinder.

Bottom cover diameter inspection

A caliper is used to check the tube diameter of custom perforated filter cylinder.

Cylinder diameter inspection

A square is used to check the overall height of custom perforated filter cylinder.

Overall height inspection

Foam spacer is used to separate custom perforated filter cylinders.

Foam spacer

Many custom perforated filter cylinders are neatly placed in a wooden case.

Wooden case package

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