Slotted Liner - An Effective Sand Control Solution in Oil Exploration

April. 10, 2024

Slotted Liner is used in oil and gas wells with sand particle sizes larger than 0.3 mm to enhance the permeability of the wells. By cutting specific specifications of slots on J55 or N80 oil casing or tubing, we achieve sand filtration while allowing oil and gas to flow through, effectively preventing wellbore blockage. Our slotted liners are suitable for various geological conditions and wellbore sizes, making them a reliable and cost-effective choice to improve the productivity and stability of oil and gas wells.

  • Using special ultra-thin cutting blades and beam cutting
  • Ensuring pipe permeability of 0.5% - 10%
  • The arrangement of slot patterns can be customized
  • Corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, and high-pressure-resistant environment
  • A versatile solution for long completions and low productivity wells
Slotted liner packaged on the factory ground.
  • Material: carbon steel, stainless steel
  • Pipe Category: petroleum casing pipe, oil pipe
  • Pipe Length: ≤ 15m
  • Pipe Outer Diameter: 50 mm - 500 mm
  • Wall Thickness: ≤ 20mm
  • Slot Width: 0.1-4 mm ± 0.03 mm
  • Number of Slots: according to order
  • End Types: plain end, beveled end, square cut, LTC/STC/BTC connections
Technical Details

Slotted Liner Patterns

We offer three different slotted liner patterns. Compared to staggered and straight slot patterns, gang slot pattern has superiority over installation torque-loading capacity and substantially improves the liner's resistance to lateral bucking and collapse pressures.

Front view of a staggered slotted liner.


Front view of a gang slotted liner.


A front view of a straight slotted liner.


Slot Shapes

There are two types of slots for slotted liners based on their geometric shapes - straight cut slots and seamed keystone slots. Seamed keystone slots have better performance than typical straight cut slots, but they are slightly more expensive.

A cross-sectional view of a straight cut slot in a slotted liner.

Straight Cut Slot

A cross-sectional view of a seamed keystone slot in a slotted liner.

Seamed Keystone Slot


  • Water Well and Pump System: By drilling or perforating slots or gaps on the steel pipe, it allows underground water to flow freely into the pipeline while preventing soil and particles from entering the pipe.
  • Oil or Gas Wells: Slotted liners are placed inside the well casing to prevent sediment and particles from entering the casing while allowing oil and gas to flow freely into the casing.
  • Filters and Screens: The size and shape of the slots or gaps can be designed according to specific filtration needs to filter solid particles or impurities in liquids or gases.
  • Underground Engineering and Infrastructure: Slotted liners can be used in various aspects such as hydraulic control, soil stabilization, and groundwater management in underground tunnels, subways, bridges, and wastewater treatment facilities.
Product Display
There are staggered slotted liners on the ground.

Staggered slotted liner

There are gang slotted liners on the ground.

Gang slotted liner

There are two straight slotted liners.

Straight slotted liner