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Leaf Disc Filters – Achieving Efficient Filtration of Polymer Melts

Nov. 17, 2023

Leaf disc filters, also known as polymer melt filters, belong to a type of polymer filter. Leaf disc filters are suitable for high temperature, corrosive reaction environments to filter high temperature viscous polymers in the rubber and plastics industry. Its disc design increases the effective filtration area per unit area, which makes it possible for the effective use of space and miniaturization of the filtration device. Structurally, leaf disc filters are divided into central ring polymer extruder screens, and central ring wrap-around polymer melt filters.

According to the material, it is divided into stainless steel sintered felt and multi-layer stainless steel sintered mesh. Among them, stainless steel sintered felt has a large capacity to hold dirt, a long service life, and good air permeability. The advantage of stainless steel sintered mesh is high lightness, and impact resistance, but low dirt-holding capacity. Clients can choose the type of disc filter that fits the application scenario.

Small and large diameter leaf disc filters placed on the table

Leaf disc filter with frame and without frame:

  1. Sintered felt with woven mesh
  2. Perforated plate
  3. Woven mesh with coarse mesh
  4. Perforated plate
  5. Sintered felt with woven mesh
Structural drawing of leaf disc filter filter layer and front view with labelled figures
  • Material: 316L, and 316
  • Filtration accuracy: 3–200 μm
  • Outside diameter size: 6", 7", 12" or customized according to client requirements
  • Filter element carries the pressure uniformly.
  • High filtration accuracy, stable performance, and cost savings.
  • Large filtration surface and high flow rate, adjustable filtration area.
  • Highest level of cleanliness is achieved through clear and post-cleaning.
  • Environmentally sustainable, minimizing waste and the need for chemical treatment.
  • BOPP bi-oriented polypropylene film
  • BOPA bi-oriented nylon film
  • BOPET bi-oriented polyester film
  • High-viscosity melt filtration
  • Liquid chemical fiber filtration
Products Display
Large leaf disc filter with support frame and the small one without

Leaf disc filter with support frame

One large and one small leaf disc filter without support frame

Leaf disc filter without support frame

Hand-held leaf disc filter with details of the sides and inside

Side detail of leaf disc filter

Detail of a leaf disc filter hub with support frame is shown.

Leaf disc filter with support frame and hub

Detail of a leaf disc filter with hub and no support frame is shown.

Leaf disc filter with hub and no support frame

Some finished leaf disc filters listed in wooden crates

Finished leaf disc filters in box

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