Polymer Melt Filter Elements – Polymer Filters for Stable Operation

Dec. 1, 2023

Polymer melt filter element belongs to the common products of polymer filter. It consists mainly of sintered metal fiber felt and metal woven mesh (filter layer).

Sintered metal fiber felt can be made into a multilayer structure with apertures ranging from coarse to fine, with high porosity and high dirt holding capacity. The metal woven mesh is made of stainless steel woven mesh of different diameters. This kind of filter element is not easy to fall off, easy to clean, resistant to high temperatures, economical to use, and has good strength. They effectively remove hard and gel-type pollutants in high pressure, high viscosity polymers.

5 polymer melt filter elements with arrows on one end
  • Material: 304, 316, 316L, etc.
  • Filtration accuracy: 1–200 μm
  • Size: According to client's requirements
  • Working pressure: 30 MPa – 90 MPa
  • Working temperature: Max. 480 °C

Polymer melt filter element consists of a perforated tube as a support layer and a filter layer.

The structure of the filtration layer (pleated part) is divided into a protective layer, a filtration layer, and a support layer.

Depending on your specific needs, we offer 2 common types of filter layers:

  • Type 1: The three layers of the protective layer, filter layer, and support layer are all metal woven mesh.
  • Type 2: The protective layer, the support layer is woven metal mesh, and the filter layer is sintered fiber felt.
Cross-section of a filter element, with two common types filter layers
  • Excellent cleaning results, reusable.
  • Outstanding durability, extended filter element service life, and reduced maintenance costs.
  • Can operate in high temperature environments and adapt to extreme temperature conditions.
  • Strong carbon resistance, can effectively handle fluids containing carbonaceous impurities.
  • Structural design allows for increased filtration greater and area dirt-holding capacity.
  • High porosity, high permeability, and low differential pressure during use, can be used for filtration of high-viscosity media.
  • High temperature melt filtration for chemical fibers
  • Polymer solution filtration in polyester and film production
  • Filtration of high temperature liquid and viscous liquid
  • Chemical plant liquid filtration
  • Diesel vehicle exhaust purification
  • Polyester bottle chips, polyester fiber, and acetate fiber
Products Display
Multiple finished polymer filter melt elements placed on the green ground

Finished polymer melt filter elements in factory

A worker measures one of the multiple filter elements length with a metric ruler

Length measurement

Measure filter element length with a large vernier caliper on table

Sample sampling

3 polymer melt filter elements

Opening detail

4 polymer melt filter elements

Finished polymer melt filter elements

3 short polymer melt filter elements on a wooden box

Polymer melt filter elements display

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